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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can find some of the Frequently Asked Questions from our previous clients and people interested in our services. We have answered the questions below, however, if you have any questions that differ from the ones below, then speak to a member of our team who is more than happy to help.

Here at TACC, we provide a range of services to assist you with every area of a traffic accident or collision. Our services include;

  • Forensic Collision Investigation
  • Technical Forensic Vehicle Examination
  • Scene Scale Plan Digital Image
  • Vehicle Damage Assessment
  • Vehicle Mechanics Examination
  • Vehicle Modification Certification SQL
  • Event Data Recorder Analysis
  • Digital Tachograph Analylsis 

Whether you need advice on a traffic accident or information about our services, speak to our team to find out more.

As Traffic Accident Consultants, a large part of our job is working with insurance claims and claimants. We work with insurance claims to gather evidence along with providing a prosecution or defense, depending on what is required. Our team of consultants works with clients to investigate claims thoroughly, ensuring that the correct action is taken, along with the right evidence.

You can speak to our team to find out more.

A vehicle damage assessment evaluates the damages to a vehicle following a traffic accident. This assessment is typically carried out by a traffic accident collision consultant, who will examine the vehicle to determine the damages and cost of repairs.

During a vehicle damage assessment, the consultant will typically;

  • Inspect the vehicle to check for all visible damages including dents, scratches, and broken parts.
  • Measure and photograph the damages, creating a detailed record of damages.
  • Determine the cost of repairs based on the damages along with the labor and materials required to fix them.
  • Provide an estimate of the cost to repair the vehicle for the owner.

The duration of a vehicle damage assessment varies depending on the damages and the complexity. Also the availability of the assessor. It generally takes an hour or less to complete.

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How Can A Traffic Accident Collision Consultant Help?

A Traffic Accident Collision Consultant can help in a variety of ways after a traffic accident. Some of those ways include;

  • Vehicle damage assessments and determining the cost of repairs.
  • Gathering evidence to support insurance claims such as photos, witness statements, and police reports.
  • Value Calculation based on the damages and injuries sustained.
  • Negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company along with your own to ensure you receive a fair settlement.
  • Providing expert testimony in a court trial, if needed.
  • Expert Advice on the best course of action to take following a traffic accident.
  • Assisting with the repair process, coordinating with repair shops and rental car agencies.

Overall, a traffic accident collision consultant can provide expert assistance in the aftermath of a traffic accident. We will help you to get the compensation you need to cover your damages and injuries.