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Providing Vehicle Modification Certification SQI Services Across Ireland.

Experienced Vehicle Modification Certification SQI Services Across Ireland

Vehicle modifications are increasingly common across Ireland, with many vehicle owners wanting to make changes to their vehicles and drive them on public roads. Here at TACC, we provide a Vehicle Modification Certification SQI Service to ensure that the vehicle modifications meet certain safety and performance standards. In Ireland, the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) is the responsible organization, for providing certification for vehicle modifications. The NSAI is part of the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) meaning that their certification is recognized across Europe and Internationally.

Following the standards set by the NSAI, our independent inspectors can conduct inspections on modified vehicles to ensure that the modifications are by the standards set. This includes inspecting each modification and part that is aftermarket to ensure that it has been installed correctly and tested to meet specific standards. This ensures that the modifications on the vehicle are safe and suitable for public road use. This provides the vehicle owner with a piece of mind, knowing that their vehicle is safe and compliant with the regulations.

A modification certificate also allows manufacturers to provide that their products are compliant with set industry standards. This allows them to market their products to a wider audience, knowing that customers and vehicle owners can safely modify their products and remain legal.

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Vehicle Modification Certification SQL

Expert Certification Of Modifications In Ireland & Beyond

In Ireland, the use of Vehicle Modification Certification (VMC) is important for ensuring the safety and compliance of modified vehicles. The certification process ensures that modified vehicles meet set safety and performance standards along with emissions and safety standards.

The use of VMC is primarily relevant for modified vehicles that are used for commercial purposes, such as in taxi or delivery services. The certification ensures that these vehicles are safe and compliant for both the driver and passengers along with road users. Some vehicles are modified and adapted to suit specific business needs and changes are made after the vehicle leaves the factory. These are known as aftermarket modifications and by certifying these changes, road users are kept safe. Also, the VMC keeps road users and vehicles compliant, meaning that fines and penalties for modifications are reduced.

Alongside commercial use, VMC is also important for vehicles in motorsport. Motorsport vehicles are typically modified to travel faster than intended. This can mean removing factory parts along with adding aftermarket parts to improve downforce and more. The certification process helps to ensure that these modifications and changes meet safety and performance guidelines. This helps to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while also ensuring that the vehicles can perform as intended.

Vehicle Modification Certification SQI FAQs

Below, you can find a selection of Frequently Asked Questions about our Vehicle Modification Certification SQI Service in Ireland. We have provided comprehensive questions and answers to ensure that you understand our service and how it can benefit you as a client of TACC.

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The VMC is a process of certifying a modified vehicle to ensure that it meets specific safety and performance standards. SQI’s (Suitably Qualified Individuals) provide certification for vehicle modifications. Also, the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) is responsible for the standards and regulations for vehicles in Ireland, setting the guidelines for modified vehicles on public roads.

The VMC process involves an inspection of the vehicle by an independent inspector such as TACC, who will ensure that the vehicle has been modified by the relevant standards. This includes an inspection of the modifications made along with the parts to ensure they have been installed correctly and that the products used meet specific requirements. This keeps both the driver and passengers safe along with other road users.

By having your vehicle certified, you can reduce fines and penalties for non-compliance and unauthorized modifications while also keeping road users safe.

A modified vehicle inspection must be carried out by a SQI (Suitably Qualified Individual). The SQI will carry out a detailed examination of your modified vehicle, following standards and requirements set by the NSAI. They will look at the vehicle and modifications to ensure that they are installed correctly and that the products used meet specific guidelines. The inspection must be carried out by an independent and impartial third-party organization to ensure that the certification is reliable and unbiased.

TACC is an SQL (Suitably Qualified Individual) authorised to carry out modification inspections.

A vehicle can be modified in a variety of ways. From engine modifications to safety systems, vehicle owners may choose to modify their vehicles in several ways to increase the performance or safety features of the vehicle. The types of modifications that require certification in Ireland can vary depending on the vehicle and guidelines, however, it would include any modification that affects the performance, safety, or compliance of the vehicle. Examples of modifications include:

  1. Engine Modifications
  2. Suspension And Braking Modifications
  3. Body And Exterior Modifications
  4. Electronic Modifications
  5. Advanced Safety Systems

It is important to note that the specific modifications requiring certification can vary. It is always best to check with an inspection provider or the NSAI before proceeding with any modification.

To obtain a certificate for the modifications to your vehicle contact any SQI qho can inspect the vehicle and certify the modification, if deemed safe.

    TACC can be contacted to certify vehicles modifications. 

    If your vehicle is modified and differs from when it left the factory, then you require a Vehicle Modification Certificate. This certificate means that your vehicle has been inspected by an independent expert who examines your vehicle following the NSAI standards and guidelines. Without this certificate, having a modified vehicle could cause issues for you as a vehicle owner. The consequences include:

    1. Fines And Penalties
    2. Vehicle Impoundment
    3. Insurance Policy Issues
    4. Vehicle De-Registration
    5. Legal Issues

    If your vehicle is modified, whether it is a commercial vehicle or for personal use, getting a modification certificate is vital. Speak to TACC or the NSAI to find out more about your vehicle and what you need.

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