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Experienced Forensic Collision Investigation Services

Dealing with the aftermath of a vehicle collision without knowing how the accident was caused or what happened is often a challenge. Here at TACC, we provide Forensic Collision Investigation Services to piece the puzzle together. Our investigative experts can visit the scene of the collision and examine both scene and the vehicle(s). Alongside examining, we capture the relevant data to support the scale plan we create.

Our investigative service is tailor-made to your particular needs. We will collect and investigate the collision from the angle you require. Whether it be a complete analysis, vehicle examination, and more. We also provide vehicle examinations on all modes of road transport including HGV’s, PSV’s, Cars, Vans & Motorcycles.

Through our Forensic Investigation, we can often determine the pre-impact factors of an accident. These include the speed of vehicles & road conditions based on several scene elements. To determine this information, we use a selection of evidence such as physical evidence, vehicle examination, electronic data recovery download & analysis. We also offer Crash Data Retrieval as a service, using up-to-date equipment and methods to gather and analyse collision data. This data often forms part of our investigative services.

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Our Forensic Investigation Services

We provide a range of services as part of our main service. These services help Legal Professionals and Members of The Public to understand exactly what happened. Using our years of experience along with industry-leading tools, we can uncover data and evidence from the scene of a collision to support a claim or statement. The full range of services offered by our Forensic Collision Investigation Unit includes:

  • Collision Damage Consistency Examination
  • Collision Scene Visits & On-Site Inspections
  • Collision Scene Electronic Survey and Data Recording
  • Collision Scene Photography and Video
  • Vehicle & Component Examination
  • Vehicle Damage Analysis
  • Post-Collision Inspections
  • Summary Evaluation Reports
  • Collision Reconstruction Reports
  • Tyre Examination Reports
  • Tachograph Analysis
  • Crash Data Retrieval
  • Seatbelt Usage Determination
  • CCTV Analysis

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Forensic Collision Investigation FAQs

Below, you can find a selection of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our investigative services in Ireland. From how we can help to how our investigation results make a difference, you can find the answers to questions below.

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Our forensic investigation service studies vehicle collisions to determine the cause of the collision. This allows for the reconstruction of events leading up to the incident while also discovering the causes. This type of investigation is conducted by industry professionals such as TACC who use their expertise in mechanics and data analysis to analyse the evidence. Also, a detailed report is formed with evidence on the factors that contributed to the collision. This type of service is used in mainly criminal and civil cases along with insurance claims and other legal proceedings.

Investigators of collisions use a range of methods & up-to-date tools to determine the cause of a collision. Every collision is different and is caused by something unique, therefore we have a process that provides us with the right evidence to form a picture. The steps include:

  • Scene Examination: Taking photographs, and measurements, and collecting physical evidence.
  • Vehicle Examination: Vehicle Damage, Broken/Malfunctioning Parts.
  • Analysing Evidence: Analyse Data to Reconstruct Events.
  • Witness Interviewing: Information Collection From On-scene Witnesses.
  • Expert Consulting: Expert Analysis Of Evidence.

Through the analysis of the evidence, collision investigators can determine the cause of the collision and provide a detailed report.

Investigators can examine a variety of collisions. The complexity of the investigation may depend on the vehicles involved along with other factors. The types include:

  • Vehicle On Vehicle Collisions
  • Vehicle On Pedestrian Collisions
  • Vehicle On Bicycle Collisions
  • Single-Vehicle Collisions
  • Multiple-Vehicle Collisions

They can also investigate non-collision events through the same process, such as mechanical failures and fires. Sometimes these may cause or contribute to a collision.

Investigators use a range of evidence to determine the cause of a collision. They do this through a process, which collects the relevant evidence to compile a report and outcome regarding a crash. This process includes:

  • Collecting Physical Evidence: This involves collecting debris from the scene, analyzing tyre marks and skid marks from the road surface, and other physical evidence.
  • Vehicle Examination: This involves forensically examining the vehicle and looking at any damage that occured. This can often provide a good indication of what happened.
  • Evidence Analysation: This involves analysing the evidence found to see what it uncovers. Then piecing the collision together.
  • Witness Interviewing: Investigators will interview witnesses on the scene to piece a timeline together.
  • Expert Consulting: This involves consulting with experts to analyse and overview evidence.

TACC uses this process and evidence to determine the cause of the collision and compile a detailed report.

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