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In the event of a Traffic Accident or Collision, collecting data is vital to understanding what happened and the cause. As part of the forensic investigation of a collision, our TACC  investigators use Event Data Recorder Analysis to obtain information from the vehicle. Modern Vehicles are fitted with an Event Data Recorder (EDR) which collects data about the vehicle and the events that occurred. The system records information about the vehicle’s operation, such as Speed, Braking, and Throttle Position. This data from the onboard system is used to reconstruct a collision and to determine what happened at the time.

EDR Analysis is commonly used in the forensic investigation of collisions as the data provides extremely valuable information as to what occurred before, during, and sometimes after a collision or traffic accident. This information is then compiled into a report along with other services to provide a timeline of events and also a complete reconstruction of the collision where possible. The main benefit of the data examination is being able to have an insight into the driver’s actions and behaviour at the time. This can often distinguish the circumstances surrounding the collision, along with our other services such as a Vehicle Damage Assessment.

The analysis of such onboard systems is completed by a trained expert with experience in vehicles and data analysis. The expert will also be trained in data extraction and using specialist equipment to retrieve data from the onboard computer of a vehicle. The investigator will complete this information into a detailed, court-compliant report ready to be presented to the court and jury of a collision or accident case. EDR Data should be handled and analysed by an expert who is trained in the field of Event Data Recorder Download Analysis. They should also adhere to the guidelines and requirements as set by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

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Event Data Recorder Analysis

Experts In The Analysis Of Event Data Recording Systems

As experts in the analysis of EDR systems, our investigators are specialised professionals who have the knowledge, training, and equipment to extract and understand the data from onboard systems within various vehicle types. They have a deep understanding of vehicle systems and data analysis, collecting vehicle data to reconstruct collisions and events. EDR Experts are trained to collect and provide evidence from EDR Systems to meet the standards and guidelines from the NSAI and both Criminal & Civil Courts.

Specialists in Data Analysis use specific equipment and software to retrieve the data from the EDR System. They then analyse the data provided by the system to look at the vehicle speed, braking, and throttle position at the time of the incident, among other parameters. Alongside data analysis, they also check to see if any system bugs or errors were present at the time of the collision, which could have affected the data. The findings from the analysis are compiled into a detailed, court-compliant report which can be used as evidence in court.

The analysis must be carried out by a qualified and experienced professional. These experts can provide key information about the collision and the driver along with an insight into the cause. They also can provide evidence and testify in court as an expert witness. This has to be done by an expert with the correct qualifications and experience and cannot be done without.

Event Data Recorder Analysis FAQs

Below, you can find a range of commonly asked questions from previous clients and interested parties regarding our Event Data Recorder Analysis service. From how the service works to how the evidence can make a difference, you can find the answers to frequent questions below.

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An EDR is a device that is installed in modern vehicles to record data related to vehicle operation. The data that is recorded through a data recorder includes information such as vehicle speed, braking, and throttle position. Also, information is recorded from the airbag system along with other safety restraints. The analysis of data from onboard systems is commonly used in the investigation of vehicle accidents and provides vital information to help determine the cause of accidents and reconstruct events. This data is also used in the design and testing of new vehicle systems.

 A Data Recording System records a variety of information related to vehicle operation including:

  • Vehicle Speed
  • Throttle Position
  • Steering Angle
  • Engine RPM
  • Seatbelt Status
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Impact Data
  • Vehicle Rollover
  • Crash Sensor Data
  • GPS Data

The information recorded through a vehicle system may differ depending on the manufacturer and model of the vehicle. Some systems record more data than others and some record in more detail.

An investigator that has the correct experience and qualifications in EDR Systems will extract and analyse the data. This is done by extracting the system and connecting it to a specialised tool called a data downloader. This tool extracts all of the data from the system, ready to be examined and reviewed by an expert. This data is then decoded into a raw format, which is then converted into a readable format for analysis. Following this, it is interpreted and compiled into a detailed, court-compliant report which includes the findings, a description of the data, and any relevant diagrams or charts.

This report and information are presented to the relevant parties, such as the court, other parties, and insurance providers.

The analysis of data from a vehicle’s recorder can help to determine the cause of a collision by providing a detailed understanding of the vehicle’s movements. The systems record vehicle movement and actions leading up to and during a crash. The data can provide insight into how the driver was operating the vehicle, the vehicle’s speed, braking, and acceleration. Also, the airbag safety systems are recorded through the same onboard recorder, meaning that the information includes whether the airbags are deployed or not.

One of the main benefits is driver insight. For example, if the data shows that the vehicle was traveling at high speed and the brakes were not applied, it would suggest that the driver did not apply the brake. Through our Vehicle Mechanics Examination service, we can rule out defects and malfunctions in vehicle parts, providing evidence that the brakes did or did not have a defect.

The data found through data extraction tools should be used in conjunction with other sources of information such as physical evidence from the crash scene and witness statements to provide a more complete understanding of events.

The data from an in-vehicle system can be used as evidence in court, subject to the judge’s approval. The data must be analysed by an expert witness who has the knowledge, experience, and qualifications to interpret the data and explain it to the court. Additionally, the opposing side must be given the opportunity to review the data and may have an expert witness of their own to challenge the analysis.

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