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As Traffic Collision Investigators, we collect evidence and information to reconstruct collisions. This is provided to our clients in the form of a detailed report, which includes the evidence along with how it is involved in the scene. However, to understand the scene and what has happened, we also include Scene Scale Images. These provide the information and evidence in more of a visual way so that both clients and courts can understand what happened. These images are extremely detailed plans of the collision, road type, and more. Understanding this evidence in the form of an image ensures that the evidence is understood as delivered. There are various versions of digital images and scene scale plans that can be presented. From Sight Line Plan to Full Reconstruction, these images and scale drawings provide a powerful method of communicating details.

Our investigators are experienced in providing evidence in a visual format. This has been proven to improve the efficiency of cases and also the impact that a collision investigation report has on a case. The drawings and scale plans are extremely detailed, beyond usual reconstruction. They can provide information such as the orientation of vehicles at impact, movements after impact, the road layout, and much more. This is vital to confirm exactly what happened during a collision.

If you are looking for Collision Investigators that have experience, TACC can help. We can provide accurate, detailed digital images and scale drawings to support your case. Whether it be a criminal or civil case, we can compile evidence into a detailed report ready for court. Speak to our team to find out more.

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Scene Scale Plan Digital Image

Providing Visual Evidence Through Detailed Drawings & Images

Through our detailed Scale Scene Images & Drawings, we can provide visual evidence to support a criminal or civil case in court. Our detailed plans include several types of evidence and data that can help explain what happened during a collision and what occurred. The types of evidence available through a Digital Image or Drawing include:

  • Vehicle Positions: A drawing or digital image can show the position of a vehicle at the time of a collision. It can also show the direction of travel and any rotation that occurred during the collision.
  • Physical Evidence: A detailed image or drawing can show the location of debris following a collision. This includes Skid Marks, Tyre Marks, General Debris, and more.
  • Scale And Measurements: All drawings and images are made to reflect a true scale. This means that the layout of the collision scene including the location of buildings and other structures can be seen.
  • Line Of Sight: A scene scale plan digital image can provide a representation of the line of sight of drivers or witnesses. This is useful in understanding the events leading up to the collision.

Having visual evidence is a valuable tool that allows forensic investigators to visualise the collision scene and understand what happened without being present. It is also an important piece of evidence that can be used in court to help with establishing what happened at the time of the collision along with the cause.

Scene Scale Plan Digital Image FAQs

Below, you can find a selection of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our digital images and drawing services in Ireland. From how our visual evidence can support your case to how we can reconstruct a collision, you can find answers to questions below.

If you have a different question or would like to get started with our services, contact our team today.

A detailed scene drawing or image is a digital representation of the collision scene. It is created using a combination of photographs, measurements, and other data. They are used in Forensic Investigations to help reconstruct the events leading up to a collision and provide a detailed visual timeline of what happened.

The process of creating such evidence begins with a thorough examination of the collision scene. This involves taking photographs of the scene, as well as collecting and preserving physical evidence such as debris, tyre marks, and skid marks. Measurements are also taken from the scene. These measurements include the distance between vehicles, the distance from the point of impact to the final resting place, and the width of the road etc.

Once the data from the scene has been collected, it is imported into a special program where it is used to create a detailed and precise representation of the collision scene. This image is used to show the positions of the vehicle and how it travelled through the collision. They also include annotations, labels, and measurements to provide additional detail.

A scene scale plan digital image is created using computer-aided design software. The process of creating such drawings and images involves creating a 2D or 3D Model of the scene, including buildings, roads, and other features. Collision Experts then add annotations and labels to provide additional details and context. This then forms a plan and layout of a complete collision for reference and documentation. These digital images can be exported in a variety of formats such as JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

In a collision reconstruction image, a variety of information is included. This information provides supporting evidence for a criminal or civil collision case. Examples of the information include:

  • Physical Objects: Buildings, roads, sidewalks, trees, utilities, etc.
  • North Arrow & Scale: Object size, object position & direction, etc.
  • Symbol Legends: Explains the symbols used.
  • Layers: Land use, utility location, zoning.
  • Additional Details: Measurements, area calculation, dimension, etc.

If the drawing or image is a 3D Model, then additional information can be displayed. This includes the height of buildings, any below-ground structures, and more.

A digital image or drawing of a collision can help to reconstruct the events of a collision both before and during. This is done by providing a detailed, accurate representation of the area where the collision occurred. This can include a variety of information including the layout of the road, the position of buildings and other structures, and the location of other important features such as traffic signals and crossings. By providing this information in a visual way, we can support the findings with measurements and dimensions of the scene.

Additionally, having accurate measurements and dimensions of the scene in a digital format can help to:

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the evidence such as skid marks, tyre marks, and other physical evidence.
  • Measure and identify the position of any visible landmarks or reference points.
  • Validate the statements and information from the drivers and witnesses.
  • Collision Simulation using the scene information and information from any devices. (Dashcams, Surveillance Footage, etc.)

Overall, providing collision reconstruction in a visual format can serve as a powerful tool for investigators.

A digital plan image of a scene can be used as evidence in court. However, it must be properly qualified and authenticated in order to be admissible. This means that a witness with the appropriate knowledge and qualifications must be able to testify that the image accurately represents the scene of the collision. They must also confirm that the measurements, calculations, and other information depicted in the image are reliable and accurate.

Additionally, the image should be produced using accepted and established standards, protocols, and procedures. It is important to note that the judge of the case will be the one to decide whether the image will be admitted as evidence or not.

As a result, it is important for investigators and specialists in road collisions and traffic accidents to thoroughly document the process and methodology used to create the image or drawing.

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