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Experienced Vehicle Mechanics Examination Services Across Ireland

Here at TACC, we investigate collisions and traffic accidents from various angles. Regarding vehicle involvement, we provide a Vehicle Damage Assessment service to survey the damage caused by a crash. We also provide Vehicle Mechanics Examination services, analysing electrical and mechanical systems of involved vehicles. The goal of a mechanical examination is to identify any mechanical or electrical issues that have contributed to a collision or traffic accident. This type of examination focuses on critical systems such as the engine, transmission, brakes, and more along with other onboard systems that may hold data.

An examination begins with a visual inspection of the vehicle and the onboard systems. Our experts will look for any signs of damage or malfunction. They will also look at the other available indicators such as vehicle fluid levels, tyre damage, and more. Should the vehicle be in sufficient condition, it may also be test driven which will provide an opportunity to check the vehicle’s performance and also identify any issues that might not be visible while the vehicle is parked. The aim is to collect as much evidence as possible to assist with creating a detailed report.

During the mechanical examination, the expert will check the vehicle’s electronic systems such as the ECM (Engine Control Module) or the PCM (Powertrain Control Module). These modules provide vital information about the vehicle’s performance and any issues that may have occurred during the time of the incident. This information can be used to determine further evidence such as the failure of vehicle parts or defects that contributed to the collision. Once the examination is complete, the investigator will provide a detailed report of their findings along with any recommendations for repair. This evidence can be used in court or by insurance companies to help determine the cause of the incident.

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Vehicle Mechanics Examination

Mechanical Examination Of Vehicles To Collect Evidence

As traffic investigators, we collect and analyse various types of evidence. From the collision scene to vehicle modifications, our team of examiners compile detailed reports of various evidence types to provide crucial information for a criminal or civil case. Through the examination of vehicle mechanics, they can look at the mechanical components of a vehicle to identify the cause of a collision. Also, through detailed examination, they can see what safety systems were activated at the time of the collision such as brake lights, anti-lock braking systems, restraints, and more. This information can also explain what the driver was doing at the time of the accident, whether they were braking or not. All of this evidence is compiled into a report and is used along with other services such as Scale Scene Plan Digital Image to map a collision scene in a visual format.

The vehicle systems that our examiners look at include:

  • Vehicle Lighting Systems: Brake Lights, Hazard Lights, Headlights, etc.
  • Engine: Fluid Leaks, Unusual Noises, Poor Performance.
  • Transmission: Wear Signs, Malfunction, Leaks, Unusual Noises.
  • Brakes: Worn Pads & Discs, Poor Performance.
  • Steering: Poor Alignment, Fluid Leaks, Damage & Wear.
  • Suspension: Worn Bushings, Leaks, Poor Performance.
  • Advanced Safety Systems: Airbags, Seat Belts, Restraint Systems, etc.

The level of detail that a Mechanical Assessment provides can vary depending on the purpose of the examination and the evidence required. To find out more about our Vehicle Mechanics Examination service, speak to our team.

Vehicle Mechanics Examination FAQs

Below, you can find a range of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Vehicle Mechanics Examination Services in Ireland. From how we examine a vehicle to the evidence collected, you can find answers to common questions below.

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A mechanical examination is a detailed inspection of a vehicle’s mechanical systems and components. It is performed by an expert with knowledge of vehicles and experience in analysing and assessing mechanical systems. An examination aims to identify any mechanical or electrical defects that may have contributed to a collision or other incident. The inspection will focus on the critical systems within the vehicle such as the engine, transmission, brakes, steering, and suspension. Other systems may have been involved in the collision. 

A vehicle inspection is conducted by an expert with knowledge of vehicles and experience in analysing and assessing both mechanical and electrical systems. Investigators typically follow an industry process to ensure the correct evidence is collected. The steps include:

  1. Static Vehicle Inspection
  2. Test Drive
  3. Electronic Systems Check
  4. Advanced Safety Systems Check
  5. Report Preparation

Working with an expert in vehicle examination will provide the most accurate evidence for your criminal or civil case. TACC can help with vehicle examinations and forensic investigations across Ireland.

Through a vehicle assessment, a variety of issues are assessed by experts. These issues help to reconstruct the collision while also providing an idea of what happened. The issues that are assessed include:

  1. Engine Issues
  2. Transmission Issues
  3. Brake Issues
  4. Steering Issues
  5. Tyre Issues

Examinations will vary depending on the collision type and what evidence is required for court. However, vehicle experts will look over the vehicle to collect as much data as required to suit your case.

A mechanical assessment can help determine the cause of a collision by providing information about the condition of the vehicle’s mechanical systems before the collision and whether or not they were functioning properly at the time of the collision. The examination can reveal if any mechanical failures or defects contributed to the collision.

This information is useful as it can answer several questions, including “why did the collision occur?”. If a mechanical part of the vehicle failed or contained defects then an examination will show how the defect contributed to the collision and if it was solely responsible. This is why an expert must carry out the vehicle assessment, especially as they are required to present the evidence in court.

Additionally, by checking the vehicle’s electronic systems such as the ECM (Engine Control Module) and PCM (Powertrain Control Module), the assessor can provide valuable information about the vehicle’s performance and any issues that have occurred at the time of the incident.

You can speak to one of our experts here at TACC to find out more about the evidence collected and how it can shape a case.

Absolutely. A forensic investigation into a collision will be compiled into a court-compliant, accurate report for the court to use. However, the report and information must be presented by an industry expert. The expert must have the correct qualifications and industry knowledge with proof to present the evidence to the court. Experienced investigators will have the relevant accreditations before working with you.

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